Working with Wildbore

We take great pride in the specialist expert advice that we can provide for our clients. Being a specialist is only one aspect of our work, providing the highest levels of client service is also important to us.

We will invest time in listening to our clients to fully understand what they want to achieve, the challenges they face and the strategies they wish to implement. This process is a constant collaboration which enables our clients to work more effectively and for us to deliver our service in the most appropriate manner.

Listening to our clients

How do they like to work?

How can we work with them to make their business better?

How do we need to adapt our working practices to make their role more effective?

We have worked with a large proportion of our clients for many years and constantly review our processes to see if we can help them at every level – whether that be with basic reporting or with overall growth strategies.

Working with Wildbore has several advantages –

We are Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys and dedicated specialists.

We can actively manage our clients’ trade mark portfolios.

We have a dedicated manager looking after renewals and ensuring that our clients do not miss deadlines.

We have long standing relationships with clients that enable us to give strategic advice.

For more information on how we deliver our client service and how we can support the growth of your brand please feel free to contact us.

John Kennedy